Hyra Rigg til 400H og 600 Proff

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Hyra Rigg® in

merged position

Hyra Rigg® for 400H and 600Proff


Hyra Rigg® is designed to fit Hyra Minigarngreier 400H® and Hyra Minigarngreier 600Proff®. The Hyra Rigg® comes in a standard size and can be individually adapted to the boat it is to be used in.

The rig is equipped with a Teflon liner that provides smooth movement so the boom can be rotated 360 °, which makes the work of moving fishing nets between the quay and the boat, or from the net bin to the boat easier.


The Rigg´s boom can be folded with a simple grip so you can move the center of gravity down into the boat when not in use. It also has a lifting mechanism that helps you get it up in the right position when the Hyra Minigarngreier is to be used.

When buying minigarngreier and rig, we recommend that you buy a turntable with suspension for rig at the same time.

Technical info:

Standard height: 2140mm

standard length of boom: 2000mm

Weight: 17kg


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Hyra Rigg 

400 med garn IMG_1740.jpg

Hyra Rigg og Hyra Minigarngreier 400H in use.