Event Calender:

In our own neighbourhood we can be met at Kystbymessa in Rørvik from April 29th til May first 2022. Swing by our stand and have a chat if you are nearby!

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You´ll find us at: SinkabergHansen Arena, stand 7

If you are nearby Bergen between the 10th and 12th of May 2022, you can find us at HavExpo, which takes place in Straume Sportspark. We hope to meet many, both former and future costumers. 

You´ll find us at: Straume Idrettspark, Hall A (Fotballhallen) Stand 403

In Ålesund we will be attending Bluefish in Sparebanken Møre Arena from May 31th until June 2nd. There you will find a motivated HYRA crew ready to discuss all questions one might have for our products, and meet all local and traveling visitors.

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You´ll find us at: Sparebanken Møre Arena, stand N01.
v/The information desk, first stand to the right form the entrance. 

NOR-FISHING 2022, in Trondheim. Back on local ground we will be standing side by side with other great Norwegian and international companies, to humbly show our solid, Norwegian produced and products. If you have the time to stop by we strongly recommend to make the time, there are many great companies participating, and we would warmly welcome your to our humble stand, any time if you swing by. 

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At Lofotfishing you will find us in the center of King Øysteinshall, at the  DNB street 7.
From Mars 18.- 18. 2023. See you there!