Hyra Minigarngreier 400H og Hyra Minigarngreier 600Proff 

are two light weight and userfriendly net-clearers costumed to the smallest boats along the coast. As an addition we have Hyra Rigg wich extends our Net-clearers usability. 

The goal with Hyra garngreiere is to create a product that is light to handle with high functionality.

og brukervennlighet. 

400 og 600 IMG_1812.jpg

Hyra Minigarngreier 600Proff and Hyra Minigarngreier 400H fully assembled on the Hyra Rigg

(Both net-clearers with a turntable with suspension for Hyra Rigg)

(Turntable with suspension are sold separately)

Our very first customers of the 400H were included in a pilot project where they gave us feedback on our product. The net-clearers from our pilot were taken back to do a full-service work-up in our shop. And with the reviews, and discoveries on the used net-clearers, we made adjustments and reinforcements. These are now the standard-issued 400H net-clearers.

The experiences we made through the pilot project gave us invaluable intel in the making of our next model, the Hyra Minigarngreier 600Proff.

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