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"With Hyra Minigarngreier

I´ve gained one incomparable helper."

Our customers have given us a lot of good feedback that helps us improve the quality and functionality of our products. These are some of the reviews from our earliest customers of Hyra Minigarngreier 400:

 "With Hyra Minigarngreier I have gained one incomparable helper. Jeg could never be onshore alone without this handsman by my side. And that boom is genius, I´m so pleased I bought it."

Oskar, Fisherman from Alta, Northern-Norway.


"Hyra Minigarngreier is a great investment! The workload onboard has become way lighter, and I save more than two hours everyday onshore. I never feel fatigued after a long day anymore. I can´t brag enough about it."

Kasper, Fisherman from Storslett, Northern-Norway.

"The usability of Hyra Minigarngreier 400H is outstanding, it´s the first net-clearer I´ve had where I can turn around and it keeps doing its job without making a mess of everything."

Fisherman from Karmøy, South-West Norway.