Product overview

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Hyra Mini Garngreier 400H ® and Hyra Minigarngreier 600Proff ®   Both have mounted turntable with welding plate

(Turntable sold separately)


Turntable with welding plate

Turntable with suspension for rig

rigg bilde 3.jpg

Hyra Minigarngreier 400H ®

Hyra Minigarngreier 600Proff ®           


Additional products :

Turntable with welding plate.

Turntable with suspension for Hyra Rigg.

Free assembly when ordering Minigarngreier and turntable together.

Hyra Rigg ® with fold-down boom

12/24 V Hydraulic unit

Hydraulic hoses at favorable prices according to measurements

Contact us for offers.

Rent Rigg ® with fold-down boom.


Spare parts are always in stock.

Battery Not included.

Hydraulic unit

(hoses sold separately)